Literature Review On Stress Inventory

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During the course of this article Cervantes, Fisher, Cordova, and Napper (2011) converse the Hispanic Stress Inventory for adolescents and how stress can influence their lives. The intention of this study was to conclude the forms of stressors that affect Hispanic youth through a new culturally learned psychosocial stress-assessment called the Hispanic Stress Inventory—Adolescent Version (Cervantes, Fisher, Cordova, & Napper, 2011). There was a count of eight life-event stress fields that the authors concentrated on which were: Family Economic Stress; Culture and Educational Stress; Acculturation-Gap Stress; Immigration-Related Stress; Discrimination Stress; Family Immigration Stress; Community and Gang-Related Stress; and Family and Drug-Related Stress (Cervantes, Fisher, Cordova, & Napper, 2011). The sampling method is where concerns become obvious, especially during the first phase of the study. Throughout phase one of the study, “170 youth were interviewed in 25 focus groups” (Cervantes, Fisher, Cordova, & Napper, 2011). Within this group, participants were enlisted from two locations, Los Angeles, California and Trenton, New Jersey. These participants were enlisted from middle schools, high schools, and clinics and were between the ages of 11 years old and 19 years old. One of the main limits of this sample was the fact that it was a convenience sample and none of the participants were randomly selected (Cervantes, Fisher, Cordova, & Napper, 2011). During phase two
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