Literature Review On Supply Chain Management

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The second chapter includes the literature reviews that are used as a basis for answering the research problems. The literature review provides the theoretical foundation for this research. The theories are strongly related to the topic and purpose of the thesis, which covers the definitions, functions, and advantages of Supply Chain Management and the performance metrics of Supply Chain Operations Reference, followed by proposed conceptual model.
2.1 Framework of Thinking

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2.2 Supply Chain Management
2.2.1 Concept of Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain strategies have become increasingly important in this highly competitive interconnected global economy. The customers have the ability to drive down cost, increase services,
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All activities, functions, and facilities involved in producing and delivering a product or service from suppliers to customers (Russell & Taylor, 2014). The term Supply Chain Management varies across the academicians. Supply chain management is the integration of trading partners’ key business processes from initial raw material extraction to the final or end customer, including all intermediate processing, transportation and storage activities and final sale to the end product customer. (Wisner, Tan, & Leon, Supply Chain Management. A Balanced Approach, 2012)
Supply Chain Management (SCM) consist of planning organizing, implementing, motivating and controlling efficiently all the of activities involving transportation, processing and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory and finished goods from original suppliers, through warehouses, production facilities, stores and other intermediaries to the final customers in order to satisfy customer requirements and achieve a competitive advantage by adding value to products/ services. (Felea & Albastroiu, 2013)
Some definitions of Supply Chain Management
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