Literature Review On The Nervous System

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Review of Literature The represent review of literature is classified to four parts: the first part deals with overview of brain anatomy, the second part focus on cerebrovascular stroke and its recurrence, the third part express management of stroke and lastly the fourth part explore complication of stroke, as the following:

Part I: Anatomy of Nervous System:
The nervous system "NS" is our processing system, and the system that keeps us in contact with the outside world. It tells us that we exist, and along with the muscles allows us to move and react to stimuli. Our consciousness resides in our nervous systems, as do our thoughts and emotions figure (1), (Langford, 2015).
Figure (1): Classification of Nervous System quoted from Singh, V. (2014): Textbook of Anatomy, Head, Neck, and Brain. 2nd ed. USA: Elsevier Health Science, p.89-110.
Nervous system (NS) form two major divisions: the central nervous system (CNS), involving the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, including Somatic nervous system (connects with skeletal muscles) and automatic nervous system (connects to smooth "involuntary" muscles). The automatic nervous system further divided into sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system (Langford, 2015).
a. Central nervous System: consists of;
 The brain itself contains more than 20 billion nerve cells that link the motor and sensory pathways, monitor the body’s processes, respond to the internal and external
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