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Impact of Technology on Health Care Alehandra Philip UMUC Impact of Technology on Health Care Introduction Information and communication technology has been adopted and implemented within various sectors of the economy. This is attributed to the benefits of technology in facilitating organizational activities and processes and its use in meeting the changes which characterize the modern society. The health sector is one of the industries which have significantly implemented technology. The health sector’s technological applications have been achieved within health information systems. The implementation of technology in this sector has resulted into both positive and negative implications on health…show more content…
This literature is used to provide high quality care through the implementation of evidence based care. Moreover, gaps in past research on health care have been identified by practitioners through electronic based research which is used to implicate on future research on improving quality of health care. Through such research, the current and future health care services are likely to demonstrate an increase in the safety, accuracy and efficiency of health care as measures of quality (Goyen & Debatin, 2009). Past literature on technology and its application within health care systems reveal that the morale of health care providers is promoted within health care organization which have adopted and implemented technology is health care delivery (Bau, 2011). This is due to the fact that technology presents health care staff with an appropriate working environments and a reduction of work pressures. In return the productivity of these employees in provision of high quality care is increased significantly. It is further emphasized that technology plays an important role in motivating health care staff because it enhances their communication with the management staff and administrators. As a result of improved communication, the needs of employees are articulated and understood. This leads to a situation where employees feel that their
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