Literature Review

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Issue - Within X organization, there are various tools that report data, but rather than repeat the information, the data is often different depending on the tool accessed. In all likelihood, initial programming was done incorrectly, resulting in an inaccurate harvest of the data. Literature Review - The Literature Review will focus on database management, data mining, and correlation of appropriate data sets within a networked environment. Bardoliwalla, N. (December 1, 2009). The Top 10 Trends for 2010 in Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management. Enterprise Irregulars. Retrieved from: Laypersons article that allows the business professional to overview trends in the marketplace that impact performance management. Some of the materials are excellent source materials to provide a more robust experience in looking at the manner in which new technologies can contribute to our sourcing issue. Bobzien, M., (2008). Multi-Representation Databases with Explicitly Modeled Relations. Cartography and Geographic Information Science. 35 (1): 3-11. Multirepresentational Databases (MRDB) are spatial databases that can be used to store the same real world data at differing levels of thematic and geometric levels, but link those for greater power and understanding of the source materials. Scaling of this powerful tool makes it
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