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Literature Review Janssen and O’Brien’s (2014) article from International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning describes how motivation and ability factor into the variation of homework and exam scores. Researchers found that attitudes like procrastination will affect homework grades but not affect exam scores. The study also analyzes the indirect impact homework may have on exam performance. Researchers collected data from 687 college students all enrolled in several different economic courses. Data was collected through surveys in the first two weeks of classes. Students self reported on their motivation. Researchers found that motivation and ability matter, but are independent of one another. Ability can predict both exam and homework grades and homework score is a strong indicator of exam scores. Other major findings include homework related behaviors indirectly effect exam scores and how students approach their homework greatly affects grades as well. A limitation of this study was the inability to separate motivation, attitudes and behavior in order to conclude causation. Some other limitations included the lack of data analyzing motivation as well as the students were all taking a similar class subject whether it was microeconomics, macro, or others. Some strengths of this study include the results being consistent with suggesting homework is beneficial and concluding students enjoy homework that is online because it allows them to work at their own
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