Literature Review

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Literature Review
Effective body language for organizational success
It is well-known that body language refers to nonverbal mode of communication. On scientific analysis, it has been found that the different aspects of communication comprise 55% bodily movements and gestures, 38% vocal tone and only 7% words or verbal communication. It is thus clear that about 93% of communication is nonverbal, as many times, words are inadequate. This shows that correct use of body language serves as an effective nonverbal communication tool to convince fellow-workers at workplace, as well as family and friends, eventually leading to overall organizational success through self-development. It further leads to personal and professional growth of an
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The speaker would also like to know the type of audience sitting to attend the speech. For association executive David M. Patt, it is important to know the reason why he was asked to speak on the subject and where the attendees are employed. Joan L. Eisenstodt, chief strategist at Eisenstodt Associates LLC, states that audience demographics including length of membership in the organization and levels of experience are important to know beforehand. (Associations Now; Feb2010, Vol. 6 Issue 2) How to deliver an effective presentation? The paper recommends that collecting ideas and conducting research on audience expectation and supporting evidences to support one's conclusion. Using visual aids with short but effective titles that convey the message one wants to emphasize is recommended. The paper also advises that when the presenter is asked certain questions which he could not answer, he can ask for clarification, answer the part he can respond to, or ask a member of the audience to answer. (Supervision; Sep2009, Vol. 70 Issue 9) Speaking and presentation skills This research tries to present ideas on speaking and presentation skills in communication. Clarity, preparedness, simplicity, vividness, conciseness and being natural are the principles that would make speaking and communicating your thoughts effective. Presentation skills require doing some things like knowing the profile of
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