Literature Review : Prejudice And Diversity In The Elementary Schools

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Kendrah Lopez
CS – 420
12 Sep. 2017
Literature Review
It is crucial for educators in the elementary school setting to take control over shaping their students into individuals that this world needs to become a better place. It is important now more than ever that today’s youth are taught to be open-minded, accepting, and caring citizens. Since the beginning of time, people have congregated around their version of normalcy. This normal can be defined by skin color, language, religion, culture, and so much more. Anything or anyone that varied from that normalcy was considered to be different and hence less than them.
Shields (2014), writes about the difference between prejudice and discrimination. He explains in his article, “Deconstructing the Pyramid of Justice” that prejudice is based on attitude such as stereotypes, whereas discrimination is behavior. Espelie (2004), states that everyone is stereotyped in her article, “Come Together.” The sad truth is that the people that are doing the stereotyping have no idea what they are even talking about, because they do not know the first thing about the race, culture, or religion that they are categorizing someone into. Roach (2004), in the article “The Great Divide,” states that schools need to improve their quality of teaching, in order to bridge the gap of racial learning in order to squash the stereotype that students of color are less educated. In order for this world to become a better place, people need to let go
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