Literature Review : Racial Discrimination In The Criminal Justice System

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Literature Review: Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Racism and the criminal justice system cannot be separated from each other. The migration of many people from different ethnic background and parts of the world to the United States (Gabbidon Greene, 2006) has led to racial influences, attitudes and inequality among people in this country. Racial discrimination has also pervaded in the criminal justice system of the country. Discourses of racism in the criminal justice system involve many different issues, such as those involving the sources of racism, its manifestations, and the solutions to the problem. Below are articles that discuss these various aspects of interaction between racism and the criminal justice system.
This research project is built on prior class knowledge based upon the steps I learned in class for resolving causality problems and casual factors and using an experimental design to incorporate and build a plan for the outline of this project. Also, when I used our X for the independent variable and Y for the dependent variable. This helps me to figure out the treatment and outcome based on the information that you are going to use in your paper. Nevertheless, I went back in history to find specific events that may have occurred over the time of the study that may have produced the results of this assignment.
Is There Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System? My question, is “There Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice
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