Literature Review - Review on Hris and Need for a Hris for Nurses in Public Health Sector in Sri Lanka

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Literature Review Article

Review on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and need for a HRIS for Nurses in Public Health Sector in Sri Lanka Dr. Ravi R. Wickramaratne MBBS
Postgraduate trainee in Biomedical Informatics Post Graduate Institute of Medicine University of Colombo Sri Lanka E-mail:

Shortage of human resource data for the health sector in many developing countries including Sri Lanka is a recognized drawback in managing Human Resources in Health (HRH). Currently the availability of staff, deployment and training data are received and maintained in a paper based system and analyzed manually at the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. This literature review outlines the strategic plan for
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To address the above key issues, development and deployment of a centralized Health Resource Information System (HRIS) plays an important role in the Sri Lankan health sector.

Global Initiatives in application of HRIS in HRH
Most African countries rely on paper-based systems for HR management information, with mainframe computer systems located only in central ministries (e.g., Ministry of Finance) to run the payroll for all government departments. Countries using such manual systems tend to struggle with poor data access and accuracy, inefficient information delivery, fragmented and unshared data, payroll difficulties and a general lack of transparency [11]. The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa where, a HRIS has been introduced. One of the main components of that system is having an Electronic Nurse Register (ENR). The nurses and midwives licensed by the Nurses and Midwives Council in Malawi (NMCM) are currently indexed and easily retrievable in this database system. That data are made available to the NMCM on current facility for each clinician, this information is updated. Lists of facilities in each district, by facility type, and number of current nursing staff, list of facility owners, the total number of nurses employed, total number licensed and licensed percentage and the number of nurses licensed through the year are the reports generated by the ENR system. Ultimately HRIS supports overall Development and

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