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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF RESEARCH The essence of the dissertation principally to carry out relationship that exist between the impact of customer satisfaction and business performance from its antecedents of customer loyalty and retention, customer relationship management, based on performance of attribute in retail industry. A case study of ASDA is presented as concept proof. A detailed background of satisfaction of customer, loyalty and retention towards product or service performance represents the continuous challenges in the corporate financial gain and loss. Organisations usually consider enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) as a reputable asset to the core function of their organisation. A…show more content…
It proves link between qualities of service attributes and satisfaction of customer is basically asymmetric. Above all, this research shows link between satisfaction of customer, loyalty and retention. Such approach of such of customer behaviour helps provide service and generates profit in a meaningful way. 1.4 AIMS AND OBEJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH 1.5 AIMS The Research aim is to create a framework of impact of customer satisfaction on large supermarket business performance 1.6 OBJECTIVES The following objectives are carried out so as to meet research aim. 1. To understand the satisfaction of customer as an antecedent to customer loyalty. 2. To know the imperative of customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty of customer. 3. To understand customer loyalty concept. 4. To recommend on how to build customer satisfaction with regards to customer loyalty and managing customer relationship. 1.7 METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH Essence of the dissertation understands customer’s satisfaction impact on business performance through some of its antecedents among who are attributes of service quality, retention of customer and loyalty, and management of customer relationship at a highly dynamic and competitive United Kingdom retail industry. The thesis takes the philosophy of realism as a stance which means observation can only be regarded as credible if it is made from different perspectives and creates greater efficiency and effective
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