Literature Review : The Ntu Library

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2.0 Literature review The NTU library was used to find books, online articles, journals and research used to review previous literature on the chosen topic. The research was gathered from eight books and over thirty articles and journals. Each piece of literature found was read, studied and evaluated to ensure they could be used for the topic of this dissertation. The ones chosen to use throughout were revised again and stored in a list of references. 2.1 Introduction This chapter includes areas in accordance to the work topic from findings of current research used. The literature was used for the following headings; communication in the construction industry; communication vocabulary; Common communication barriers; overcoming communication barriers; Information and communication technology impacts and effectiveness. The breakdown of literature into headings will be done to review current literature and go further into each heading specifically. This will show a solid understanding of the highlighted discussion areas which are of relevant use from current resources. Gaps will be found within the literature that will enable research to be completed from any lack of current research done, allowing the author to research further from the aims and objectives of the dissertation. 2.1.1 Communication in the construction industry The definition of communication can be ‘the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings.’ In which not only the exchange of information,
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