Literature Review; Training Evaluation Essay

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I have focused my research for this literature review on the two topics which I will be looking at for my project; participant reaction to training and participant learning transfer to their personal (work/study) context.
In this literature review I will examine each topic briefly and explain the key issues I will then go on to talk about my research in relation to the key issues that I have identified
Two major debates dominate the area of Reaction evaluation measures, the first how useful are evaluation measures which measure trainee reaction to learning and the second that there are no comprehensive evaluation measures which define learning and present a tool which is easy for practitioners to measure reaction.
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Alliger et al (1997) argue that ‘reaction’ does, to some extent, predict the amount of learning and the amount of behaviour change after learning. They go on to say however that a ‘good reaction’ does not predict the amount of learning any better than poor reactions nor are they any better at predicting the amount of behaviour change after the program.
Giagreco et al (2009) examined trainee reactions and the factors affecting overall satisfaction. The results show that reaction was affected most strongly by the perceived usefulness of the training to their personal development.
Although a number of studies have been carried out measuring trainee reaction (QUOTE STUDIES), in my search I was unable to find any conclusive studies which were able to state definitively whether or not end of course reaction evaluation measures are an effective evaluation tool.
Reaction evaluations are also hampered by the fact that there has been little systematic academic research carried out focusing explicitly on trainee reaction to training. Part of the reason for this lack of academic research is because academics and practitioners disagree on what should be measured.
Whilst at least eight training evaluation models have been identified (Osbourne 1996, Eseryel 2002), the
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