Essay on Literature Review Zero Hour Contracts

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Student 12199710 University of South Wales Abstract This paper focuses on the effect that temporary employment such as zero hour contracts have on the wellbeing of employees, it gives a brief definition of what a zero hour contract is, and how they have changed throughout the years eg how they were used in previous years before being called zero hour contracts, why the use of zero hour contracts is on the rise in the UK business market, and investigates the benefits and detriments of these contracts in regards to employees, it will also look at the financial benefits to the employers who use these contracts, and the type of culture that surrounds the employees who are employed on these contracts, It will also investigate…show more content…
The individual therefore only receives pay for the working hours for which they are required: hours which may be subject to variation on a daily or weekly basis. Literature Review The percentage of people employed on a zero hour contract in the UK market according to a survey conducted by the ONS (2013) is that larger companies were more likely to use zero hour contracts, hotels and restaurants have a high use of zero hour contracts along with the health and educational sectors. There are as many as 583,000 people employed on zero hour contracts in the UK according to ONS (2014). This is quite a steep rise in a year, probably due to the UK economy. The lengthy recession meant that employers could not afford to keep permanent staff and now they are understandably concerned about committing to full or even part-time contracts. Rodgers, E, (2013). The greater use of zero hours contracts is taking place against a background of falling real wages, high levels of workplace fear regarding redundancy, and unfair treatment for a significant minority, this
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