Literature Review of "Interventions Used to Help with Emotional Eating"

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A common behavior that happens amongst women of middle-age is emotional eating. This occurs when women eat to hide their negative emotions. There are a few disorders that are related to emotional eating, which are important to know about to determine if the participant may have the disorder. That way it would be easier for the behavior to be change because of medicines to help. The first one is Binge-Eating Disorder (BED) where a person consumes an insane amount of food in one sitting. The second one is Night-Eating Syndrome (NES) where the person does not have an appetite during the day but then obsessively eats after 8pm, usually because of insomnia or frustration. Often times, Alexithymia which is translated as “no words for …show more content…
Multimodal therapy can be conducted in groups or individually. However, individual sessions allow the client and therapist to work with the distinct eating problem of the individual and develop a plan unique to the client. There are distinct goals used for the multimodal therapy for overeating which includes “acquisition of behavioral and cognitive behavioral weigh loss skills, insight into the function of the individual’s eating problem, and development of emotional need fulfillment strategies” (Kilmartin & Robbins, 1987). This can be done by developing plans for dealing with weight loss and the related developmental, social, and emotional issues.
The multimodal therapy approach is usually conducted in a three-phase model for conceptualizing treatment that is similar to McCullough’s (1984) model. In Phase I, behavioral and cognitive behavioral changes are targeted. These changes are good ones to start with because they are actual and usually lead to early success in the client’s weight loss efforts. In Phase II, the areas of focus to change include self-image, interpersonal, and social issues. In the last phase, “the focus of treatment changes to termination issues and relapse prevention” (Kilmartin & Robbins, 1987).
Another intervention that can help with emotional eating is guided imagery. This

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