Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy

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Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy Bobbie Cecchini University of Phoenix Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy in Human Services Field. This paper will review the following three areas: The Final Exit Network, Crime Victim's, , and Social Security Disability Advocacy. Additionally, we will explore the information which is available and links to mediation and advocacy to the human services field. This paper will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each site, the availability of information, and the current trends using advocacy and or mediation in the human services field. Furthermore, this paper will discuss the importance of advocating in all three areas…show more content…
OVC provides toll-free telephone numbers for every type of abuse assistance and offers training and technical assistance coupled with grants and funding information. Several research links and statistics about crime victims are included. Additionally, the OVC website has a directory of help links for various cultural groups. The only drawback of this web site appears to be the sheer volume of links and information which tend to go on and on. In defense however, one immediately realizes how important this information is and how helpful it must be for visitors who are seeking help. Cochran, Foley & Associates, P.C. Social Security Disability This website, located in the State of Michigan, is that of a Social Security Disability Advocacy and provides the reader with a wealth of information on the subject. “The Social Security Administration pays benefits to persons who cannot work because of a medical condition or catastrophic injury that is expected to last at least one year.” (Cochran & Associates) Social Security Disability Advocates are people who help applicants of Social Security Disability through the process and can represent and advocate the client through almost the entire process of applying for and appealing denials. The strength of this site is a wealth of knowledge that is shared with the site visitor. The site provides information on claim denials,

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