Literature Review of the Mitigation Theory Essay

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Literature Review:

The literature review is exceptionally significant in regard to understanding the concepts and theoretical ideas in regard to the securitisation of migration literature. With attention being centred on migration and security theory, especially in regard to recent literature, the basis for our argument will be established, and will continually be seeking to find any features that have been overlooked. The following chapters define what ‘securitisation’ entails, and gives a deep insight into the literature that debates its presence and then acknowledges the limitations of academic works pertained to the topic.

2.1 Migration Theory “The threat of migration is fundamentally a question of how relative numbers interact with the absorptive and adaptive capacities of society... The fear of being swamped by foreigners... is easy to mobilize on the political agenda as a security issue.” (Waever et al, 1993, p.45)

International migration refers to the movements of people who emigrate and immigrate across national frontiers (Lahav 2004, p. 10). It has been acknowledged that the forces that determine these movements are powerful, relating to levels of prosperity and human security within different societies (Lazaridis, 2011, p. 1). These shifts are effective in essence, as they manage to destabilize once solid notions of national identity, therefore making it significantly difficult for numerous governments within Europe to keep control. As result, there is a…

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