Literature Review on Sports

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Literature Review:
Austerely k in his work “Sport and Community Organization in the 21st century” states that, The facts concerning the benefits of sports contribution to the sports world is not quite strong because of its non sectarian nature. Studies on sports participation are characteristically based on self-report data from individuals and stakeholders implicated in sport programs. They are likely to have a faith in the value of sports and in sports personnel, and not on any a judgment group. However, qualitative data from focus groups suggest that sport is necessary of the harmonious blending of cross cultural groups from urban and rural areas. From the information that in
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But the sheer fact that a program utilizes sport as an apparatus, or that the participants gain amusement through them, does not make the program effectual or justifiable of possessing scarce resources. Implementers and donors need to carefully scrutinize sports programs, as they guarantee specific aims and plans that direct to the execution of those objectives. They need to check if the programs are cost-effective and that they stick to the peak standards of development practice.
“Heil, J Bowman JJ& bean B (1993) patient management and sports medicine team, Psychology of sports injury (237-249). This makes the case for the sports medicine professional’s involvement in the psychological care of injured athlete. Suggestions for the identification of common psychological problems experienced by injured athletes are provided” (Alexandria).
Mr. Ogi and Ms. Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, 2001
It was decided that the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace would confer the experiences and coaching lessons learned as well as make recommendations regarding the utilization of sports by UN programs. Even though sport has the ability to bring people together, if not executed with caution, sport activities can at times split people. When sporting activities are given less

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