Literature Review on the Human Brain: Can Fear Be Prevented?

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Scientists research the human body so that we, as human-beings, know how to protect our bodies and can learn some interesting facts for the better of our knowledge. Many think that the brain is an interesting topic. It is probably because there are still many things about the human body that are unknown. The human brain is just like the ocean, dark and strange. The brain is one of the most mysterious in our bodies because there is still so much that isn’t known about it. With new advances in technology, it has become much easier to study the brain and how it works. Many articles have been and are being written about studies that show new knowledge or could potentially lead to a big discovery. Just one example would be where emotions and reactions come from inside the brain.
Similarly, development of research and gains in knowledge is vital to knowing how fear is caused and where it starts. Also, researchers use this knowledge to find ways to prevent fear of certain things. In an article entitled “Can Fear Be Prevented?” written by Tim Sandle, “Scientists have identified inhibitory interneurons in the hippocampus (the brain region involved in memory), that help to ensure the formation of neutral memories in the face of an unrelated, fearful event.” This means that scientists know where the sensation of fear actually starts. The test they performed was that they had lab mice tested. While a mouse was learning they would have close-ups of the mouse’s brain cells to monitor what
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