Literature Reviews : The Reader And The Person Conducting The Literature Review

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Literature reviews can give benefits to both the reader and the person conducting the literature review. It can provide an overview of the research in the area of which there previously had been a lack of familiarity (Knopf 2006), It enables the viewing of different perspectives on the subject matter that is currently out there (Hart 1998) as well as being able to avoid both dead end approaches as well as the identification of areas in which further research can take place (Gall, Borg & Gall 1996). Another positive it provides is it can put the current work being undertaken into a perspective in which it can show where it has added value to the current literature out there The interaction between exchange rates and stock prices particularly in recent times has attracted a lot of interest in particular due to increases in world trade and capital movement. Examples of this occurring can be found in studies from authors such as Katechos 2011, Ehrmann 2011 and Pan & Liu 2012 among others. This globalisation as well as the development of financial liberation means that currency represents one of the main determinants of business profitability and share prices therefore making the link between the two markets vital. A key debate that is highlighted relates to the macro-level in particular the Granger causality between exchange rates and stock prices. Theoretical work would suggest that there two approaches in looking at this debate which are the traditional approach which
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