Literature Survey And Text Analysis

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Assignment Component 1: Course Work Folio
Topic 1: Culture/ Youth Culture
Task: Literature Survey & Text Analysis of Youth Culture in Australia

Task 1
a) Culture is defined as the characteristics that a specific group of people ranging from language, religion, music, cuisine and social habits. There are a variety of cultures around the globe e.g. Western culture, African culture, Middle Eastern culture etc. (
b) Culture is also defined as the beliefs and practices of a particular group of people such as cultural dances, rituals etc. (
c) The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
d) The attitudes and characteristics of a particular social group. This is yet another description of culture
There are four separate meanings to explain the term ‘Culture’, each of which gives a brief definition of what culture is believed to be. Definition A) is the most refined and straightforward, definition B) is slightly less refined however it still provides the necessary information to give somewhat of an understanding. Definitions C) & D) are more complex and are written in certain context that make it complicated to understand majority of people would find that it is not straightforward and
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