Literature : The Hunger Games, Divergent, And The Maze Runner

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Recently, society has seen an increase in young adult novels featuring dystopian societies as seen in the Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner. While these types of novels have become prominent, this increase should not be attributed to the quality of the writing in these novels, but should be attributed to the highly technological setting. The novels all contain futuristic societies in which technology suppresses human emotions. Furthermore, this theme of repressing emotions transcends young adult novels and can be seen in many forms of literature-- ranging from classical to children 's films. Literature often portrays technology as a tool by which people become desensitized to human emotions. In literature, human emotions become subverted by technology when technology begins absorbing the user’s attentions. For example, in Wall-E early in the film Wall-E encounters humans for the first time who have grown bloated and fully absorbed in their screens on which they are talking with other people who are talking on their screens and watching commercials and ads. This absorption is exemplified when Wall-E breaks an individual’s screen and she notices her surroundings for the first time.As the woman begins to notice her surroundings she is shocked and bewildered by her surroundings even though she has spent her entire life on this ship because she has focused on this small screen in front of her face for so long. Taking this example further, this…
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