Literature : The Things They Carried

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Literature comes in all sizes. Literature doesn’t focus on a specific genre; it can be about anything from war, to violence, to race. Literature is made up of different histories from different eras with different writing styles. Literature is made of meaning and hidden messages. When you read literature, you will know it is literature because it’s about human experience. You have to read between the lines to decide what the hidden meaning is. Literature doesn’t explicitly tell us, instead uses our senses to reveal meaning. Literature deepens our thoughts. Literature evokes emotion, making us feel happy or sad about a specific event. We may feel sympathy for the characters. Literature really makes you feel like you’re actually in the story. Literature is quality writing that is able to give you a unique perspective and create your own opinions based on the writing that is given. Literature is concrete and universal. There are 3 well put examples of great literature that I will explain why in further detail: ‘The Things They Carried’, ‘How I Learned to Read and Write,’ and ‘The Lesson.’ The story, ‘The Things They Carried,’ was written in 1986. This is a very realistic piece of writing to explain what war was like and what they may have been dealing with at that time. Any soldier in the army must be strong and fearless. This is a good example of literature because the things they carried were described as tangible items: “The things they carried were largely based on…
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