Literature : The Things They Carried

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Literature comes in all sizes. Literature doesn’t focus on a specific genre; it can be about anything from war, to violence, to race. Literature is made up of different histories from different eras with different writing styles. Literature is made of meaning and hidden messages. When you read literature, you will know it is literature because it’s about human experience. You have to read between the lines to decide what the hidden meaning is. Literature doesn’t explicitly tell us, instead uses our senses to reveal meaning. Literature deepens our thoughts. Literature evokes emotion, making us feel happy or sad about a specific event. We may feel sympathy for the characters. Literature really makes you feel like you’re actually in the…show more content…
For example, “pocket knives, canteens of water, can openers, lighters” (O’Brien, 484). Every soldier’s bag contained different items. They also had to look out for each other and carry each other’s weight if necessary. This is both tangibly and figuratively. This wasn’t explicitly stated in the story, but thinking outside of the box makes you realize that everyone has something different they are going through. This can then be related back to our own lives. When thinking about this part of the story, we can think about what pasts we carry and what crowds our mind. We can make the conclusion if the stuff that we are letting get in the way our worth it. This is where we see that “The Things They Carried” is seen as good literature. We can experience war as a soldier through the eyes of a soldier and also relate back to our lives and how it is relevant. There’s the hidden message to make us think between the lines. “How I Learned to Read and Write,” was written in 1845. This is a very longstanding piece of writing when slavery was permitted. Readers were not from that time period, so it creates that image of what it was like. The reader had to imagine it through Frederick Douglass’ writing. Douglass’ experience of learning to read and write made this story possible and popular. This story was similar to “The Things They Carried” because it was in the perspective of someone of a soldier. In
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