Literature Through The Use Of Ethnographies

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literature through the use of Ethnographies. By doing so, Anthropologists initiate on-going conversations within this field, engaging in a plethora of topic ideas and research studies. This does not only create a platform for discussion but permits a variety of opinions amongst social findings that continue to develop our understanding of societal behaviours. This notion is evident in "Undoing Kinship" which explores the meaning of Kinship and further, how it is understood and exercised in different cultures. It is through this text that we, as readers, and others, as Anthropologists, begin to question our own knowledge of Kinship and review these viewpoints in aid of a wider Anthropological conversation. "Undoing Kinship" focuses on how kinship is formed, maintained and equally removed. Its reference to new reproductive technologies (NTRs) provokes an exploration of kinship in detail, in which conception is not the only attributing factor. Edwards ' encounter with the people in Alltown draws on the "intricacies of family relationships" and reveals that from Kinship stems many concepts. This is emphasised through "wider kin" and "donor siblings" in which relations extend beyond scientific and biological "donor" practice as social relationships are often formed between "children conceived with gametes from the same donor". Edward later argues in "Donor Siblings" that kinship can be "ignited through desire, will and intention, even if the spark came from elsewhere". This
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