Literature Tools For Language Teaching

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Shraddha Dave
Assistant Professor
English Language & Literature
Alliance University
Literature as a Tool for Language Teaching
The use of literature in teaching English as a second language has begun to receive consideration specially in EFL for last many years. It has been considered as the highly beneficial by many EFL teachers. The need and aspirations of this research paper is to give the importance of literature and teacher in teaching English language skills. The main idea of my research is how literature can be a tool or technique for the teachers to use in the class room. Mainly this study focuses on how the different form of literature helps in teaching all four skills in language i.e. LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing). Teaching English through literature has evolved around the basic importance of its growth as
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It was not given much importance that for what reasons, literature should be used in language class. Somehow it was used in the foreign language classes with the method of translation. The aim of the literature in language teaching was very unclear until then. But now after getting responsibility of the students' development of language skills or communication skills , language instructors have started thinking of the role of literature in teaching language. No doubt literature has been given importance in the curriculum since long although students find it difficult sometime in interpreting a piece of literature or in scoring marks. Since language teaching is given emphasised, literature is given less importan but these are the two parts of the subject. One can learn language through literature and literature through language. We cannot ignore any of these two objects of a
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