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Literature and Aspects of the Human Experience Literature offers a unique view into the human experience. Writers share their ideas about life through language, literary devices, and imagery. The human experience of love is one that every person can relate to. Three examples of literature that share this theme of love are: “A Rose for Emily”, “Love Song”, and “A Doll’s House”. Although some of the stories deal with family and parental love, this paper will focus on the aspect of romantic love. In the story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner romantic love was between Emily and the doomed Homer Barron; the poem “Love Song” by Joseph Brodsky gives the declarations of a man in love; and finally in the drama “A Doll’s House”…show more content…
The house is opened and it is revealed that the dead body of Homer Barron is laid out in an upstairs bedroom “this room decked…as for a bridal…the man’s toilet things back with tarnished silver…the man himself lay in the bed…we noticed…the second pillow was the indentation of a head…a long strand of iron-gray hair” (Barnet, Cain, & Burto, 2011, pps. 243 & 244, paras. 8, 1, & 3). Emily had been in love with Homer, but he did not return this love. Emily did not want to lose her love so she killed Homer and kept him with her. “Love Song” is a poem by Joseph Brodsky that is one man’s declaration of romantic love to a woman. The poem uses multiple metaphors of how much the man loves the woman. The wording reveals that the author has very conflicting views of romantic love which are often conflicting (Shippon, 2006). He offers to save her from drowning, yet then states he would arrest her and keep her imprisoned. Brodsky declares that he would try to make the woman happy when he says “if you were a bird, I’d cut a record and listen all night long to your high-pitched trill…if you were Chinese, I’d learn the language, burn a lot of incense, wear funny clothes, if you were a mirror, I’d storm the Ladies, give you my red lipstick and puff your nose” (Barnet, Cain, & Burto, 2011, p. 734). These declarations appear to show how the man would do things to impress the woman. Then Brodsky goes on to refer to love as a duty, obligation, and
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