Literature and HIstory Essay

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Pulitzer Prize winner, Barbara Tuchman, once said, “[b]ooks are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature is dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.” Just like Barbara has mentioned in her quote, literature always have reflected the historical event that was happening on the time the books were written. For instance, expansion of Christianity and the belief of immortal life through being a hero on their own epic, during Anglo-Saxon period is shown on the famous epic; Beowulf. Beowulf himself always summons the lord before his fights and tries to fight Grendel for his own heroic journey. Inhuman behavior of British toward Irish farmers are reflected in Jonathan Swift’s satire,…show more content…
In the beginning, Celtic Christianity was introduced by monks from Ireland. However, Saint Augustine arrived to England with 40 monks and settled the religion of Anglo-Saxon’s as Roman Christianity. (Stenton 108) This plays a significant role in a lot of literature that has been written in around 7th and 8th centuries. Not only the religions, but also the old Anglo-Saxon immortality played a big role in literature during this time. The belief of living in an immortal life by having stories about them and be passed down from generation to generation - this was Anglo-Saxon immortality. (James 2) The stories were told by bards - called scops sang around the campfires while they played harp, telling the story of heroic deeds which usually consist battles and warriors. These stories that were told by scops were usually memorized stories and being exaggerated every time the stories were being told, and this often encouraged and inspired young warriors to attempt to establish their own heroic journey that can be passed down on. (Stenton 105) In the epic Beowulf, there are lots of portraits of the God and the Anglo-Saxon immortality. In the story when Beowulf is trying to fight Grendel firstly to pursuit fame and live on immortal life by his stories being told throughout the history. However, before he fights the might monster Grendel, he says before the king, “may the Divine Lord in
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