Literature and It's Relevance in Modern Times

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William Heiges
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Feb 8, 2013

Literature and its Relevance in Modern Times Before the importance of literature is discussed we must ask ourselves: “What is literature?” Many individuals that are asked that question will often give a complex answer for it seems to be a complex word. Some of the answers may include “it involves reading” or “it’s when you write”. These are both true, but when you actually think about it, literature is so much more than that, especially with how often we use it in our day-to-day lives; we speak it, we observe it, we use it in science, etc. Ever since the beginning of time, literature has always been present among men. It has been useful to depict their feelings, thoughts, desires,
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Literature is present in films, especially the ones made after novels and book but nowadays, it’s easier and more fun to watch the film rather than to read the book. If you were to ask someone if they would prefer to watch the film “Troy” starring Brad Pitt as Achilles or reading Homer’s “The Iliad”, nine times out of ten they will respond with the movie instantly. Not because they prefer movies over reading, but in actuality the movie just seems more entertaining and the movie requires less strain on the brain. Back then, the epic surrounding this tale was read and analyzed by individuals all over the world for were very entertained by it. Today, all someone has to do is just look at Sparknotes or Cliff-notes to trick themselves into thinking they truly understand the story or the message the author is trying to convey. By using these sources, you are not making your own opinion what the story means, but rather just borrowing it from someone who actually analyzed the story in-depth. With the way things are going, literature will soon be a thing of the past and irrelevant to the future. All that will matter is if someone has internet handy to look up a theme or analyze a plot that they can’t muster their brain to figure out.
So why does literature still matter? Well it is very important in the sense of not being able to grasp it while at a very young age will result in
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