Literature as Media for Developing Language Competence and Building Social Awareness

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Literature as Media for Developing Language Competence and Building Social Awareness By Fatchul Mu’in Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin E-mail: Literature is a kind of the artwork which uses a language as a medium. If it said that literature is a language in one side, learning literature is, at the same time, learning a language in the other side. English literature is literature written in English language. In this relation, learning English literature is, at the same time, learning English language. If literature talks about human life, by using literary works we can learn and build our social awareness, and at almost the same time we can contribute to nation…show more content…
creative thinking). There are four main reasons which lead a language teacher to use literature in the classroom. These are valuable authentic material, cultural enrichment, language enrichment and personal involvement (Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies Vol.1, No.1, April 2005). The non-English student who reads English well may have no difficulty in understanding denotations. However, he may find that sometimes the words bring to him different meanings or associations. Mastering a language is a matter of degree; and knowing the meanings of all the words may be not anough for a full response to literature. The first step in understanding a word is to know its denotative meaning. The next step is how to understand its connotation. Literature, Reading and Writing Reading skill can be developed from reading literary work. Reading literary work is more beneficial than reading non-literary work. This is because the former shows specific forms, diction and collection of the given language; it also shows a kind of creative, emaginative and simbolic written work. Reading literary work is not meant to understand the denotative meaning but at the same time it is meant to find out the connotative meaning. This is to say, reading the literary work is meant to understand what is explicitely and implicitely stated in the work. English teachers should adopt a dynamic, student-centered approach toward comprehension of a literary work. In reading lesson, discussion
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