Literature is Everything Essay

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We are taught at a very young age the importance of words. One simple word can get you what you want. While others express intense emotion that can easily be understood. As we grow, we combine words allowing us to communicate with others. Through communication, spoken or written, we tell our stories. I believe that everyone has a story. Granted, some are more exciting than others, but it is still a story that can be shared. All of the authors we were introduced to shared a part of themselves. They told us about a child dealing with his parents looming divorce, and a young lady contemplating abortion. They told us stories about life, about love, and about loss. This is why I contend that literature is related to everyday life because …show more content…
I truly could not agree more. Poetry is a beautiful form of expression. The poets reviewed used poetry to express portions of their lives. They described their situations, thoughts, and feelings during these pivotal times.

This resulted in a wide range of poetry themes. Some themes were tragic with gruesome detail, while others were inspirational. I was surprised to learn that so many poems were born out of tragedy. Although, these were the poems I least preferred, I have respect for the level of emotional intensity they were able to portray with such few words. What kind of poem could you make of that? This question could preface every poem ever written. However, this question is a variation from the poem I found to be the most intellectually stimulating. The “Johannesburg Mines”, a prose written in 1925 by Langston Hughes. It was written to bring attention to developments that were occurring in South America.

Hughes took a different approach in his writing by directly addressing the reader. This poem may not necessarily express his everyday life, or does it? Hughes was an African-American that lived during times when oppression ruled his culture. The people of South America faced similar oppression. Both cultures American and South American were utilizing native individuals as slaves in there own land. Hughes found this extremely disturbing and used his frustration as the theme of the poem. “What kind of poem would you make of that?” (Lines

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