Literature of Region 7

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Province Capital Bohol Tagbilaran
Cebu Cebu City
Negros Oriental Dumaguete
Siquijor Siquijor

Bohol - is one of the country's prime travel destinations due to its unique, natural features and attractions, and historical landmarks. It is the home of the world-famous Chocolate Hills, which are thousands of near perfect, cone-shaped, chocolate-brown colored hills. It is also the home of the 'tarsier', known as the world's smallest primate. Beaches for swimming, diving and whale-watching include Panglao, Balicasag and Pamilacan.

- the capital of
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She married Pandaguan, the second son of the first couple , Sicalac and Sicavay. They had a son whom they named ANORAMOR.Pandaguan was first to invent the fishing net. The first time he shed it, he caught a shark and brought ashore, thinking that it would not die, but the shark did not survive for long out of water. Great was Pandaguan’s grief.He cried out loudly to the Gods, blaming them for letting his plaything die when no one had ever died before. It is said the God Captan, weary after his day’s work, sent the flies to find out why Pandaguan was making such a loud lamentation. But the flies refused to obey him, saying that they were busy storing honey.Forthis disobedience, they were condemned to scavenge among filthy and rotten thing form then on.

Captan then sent the weevil, who brought the news of the shark’s death. Pandaguan’s behavior greatly displeased Captan. He and Maguayan made a thunderbolt with which they struck Pandaguan dead.The young man stayed in the infernal regions for thirty days, at the end of which time the Gods took pity on him, brought him back to life, and returned to the world.While Pandaguan, was away, his wife Luplupan became the concubine of Maracoyrun. People say that the practice of concubinage then started with Luplupan.When Pnadaguan returned home, he did not find his wife there. She had been invited by Maracoyrun to feast upon a pig which he had stolen. People
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