Litigation vs. Common Sense and Compassion Essays

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Litigation vs. Common Sense and Compassion Michelle Manns HCS/341 August 22, 2012 Theresa Jones Litigation vs. Common Sense and Compassion This essay will focus on the motivation in the phrase “Common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation.” As a business relationship emerges between an employer and employee negotiations, agreements, rules, and guidelines are formed. Normally these arrangements and duties are established through the human resources (HR) department along with expectations that an individual will perform their job with acceptable common sense and compassion if necessary. However, it currently appears that common sense or compassion has been exchanged for lawsuits within the…show more content…
The legal process within the human resources department tries to format strategies and alliances that avoid negative activities affecting the employers and employees; however, exhibitions using common sense or compassion can conflict with these guidelines creating inappropriate behaviors. If this becomes the case, disciplinary actions begin bringing about other matters of legal issues. Nevertheless, once an individual believes they have been illegally mistreated, they become more apt to submit a lawsuit for purposes of revenge, financial struggles, or inapt employment securities (Alboher, 2012). The Safety Process versus Common Sense and Compassion The human resources process has to accompany both the employee and employer in regard to safety issues. An employee wants the assurance of safe and healthy working conditions; anything less exposes danger to their own wellbeing. In addition employees must take heed to precautions design by the organization. However an employer wants to avoid expenditures in overhead by cutting cost or corners often putting their employees at harmful risk. In addition, organizations also have a lawful obligation in which they have to provide a safe workplace by preventing accidents, hazards, serious injuries or accident-related deaths. Negligence on either behalf can result in determination, fines, citations, work-related

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