Littering And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Littering Littering is a major issue which affecting our lives every day. A wise judgement needed to stop what happening around us every day. Littering plays a huge part in polluting our environment. A lazy action of throwing wrappers, gum, paper and many more polluting our environment which we don’t realize or not trying to realize. Littering doesn’t affect only humans; it also affects poor innocent animals along with us. Those poor creatures don’t have any understating of littering where the best creature human being is doing all the harmful behavior. Littering causes many things which we don’t want to happen. We have to find out the solution to make difference to our environment. Littering has to stop in our community by raising awareness, volunteering, distribution of garbage, and by setting punishment. The act of throwing improper garbage is call littering and leads to pollution Littering makes our surrounding looks dirty and unpleasant. Many people don’t realize that they are littering just by throwing gum or a wrapper. They don’t realize what could happen to the environment. A piece of garbage on the ground is cussing littering. Some people throw the garbage just because they are lazy and don’t want to waste their time. If everyone throws one piece of wrapper, at the end it will be huge piles of garbage. Afterward, it will be digested by the ground and cause bad smell. The bad smell will cause pollution and giving everyone hard time breathing. Some liter can be
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