Littering the The World

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As you walk down the packed streets of New York City, 8.3 million people are out and about. Its 7pm and you’re eating a granola bar headed to see the newest big hit on Broadway. Once you finish, you look around and realize there is no garbage pails anywhere nearby. So you toss your wrapper in the street and think nothing of it and casually walk away and go on with your evening…… As a matter a fact, many people do this every day all around the world. And there is a name for it too, litter. Litter is trash, such as paper, cans, and bottles that is left out in an open or public place. There are many effects that litter can do. Litter that is lying in the streets gets blown into sewers and clogs the sewers and waterways. From there, it flows into bodies of water. Chemicals and toxins from plastic bottles escape into water systems. Animals get cut on sharp metal or broken glass and get stuck inside bins and containers. When food litter is littered from a vehicle, it brings animals to the road, and then they run onto incoming traffic and quickly become road kill, that can hurt your car. These are some environmental effects that litter can do. There is also an economic aspect to the harms of litter. Houses in littered neighborhoods sell for less money, and much of what is thrown away or littered could have been recycled and could have been made into something new. But surprisingly, the most littered item in the world is a cigarette butt. They may be small, but there harm is much
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