Little Bee By Chris Cleave

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In the novel "Little Bee" the author Chris Cleave communicates a universal message on the view of refugees. Currently there are over 21 million refugees worldwide, which continue to struggle and believe they have no home and belong nowhere. Refugees all have a story to carry and pass down and within these stories represents portion of their life. These stories are told from several different perspectives usually with an issue involving their safety from low security within their country. The author Chris Cleave demonstrates a well put example on this issue with the interwoven narratives of both Little Bee, a young refugee from Nigeria and Sarah, a British Journalist. First of all "the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and internationally displaced people around the world has topped 65 million, said United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees."(npr) Refugees are often people who are driven from their home due to violence, persecution, abuse, etc. Studies have shown that out 133 people globally or 1 out of 24 people per minute have been affected by these issues. These people continue to have hope and dreams about what it would be like to receive citizenship in another county, more specially half of the population are children. Many of these refugees have the unknown potential of becoming an important part of a society and throughout history there have been several prominent refugees throughout history, including Albert Einstein, Milan Kundera, Anne Frank, Dr. Ruth, Bela

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