Little Bee Chris Cleave Analysis

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Power and Suffering The war against ISIS, caused by power falling into incapable hands, results in many casualties on both sides. This [vague pronoun reference] is one of many modern examples of power falling into the wrong hands, [comma splice] and bringing everyone down with it. Incidentally, Chris Cleave’s novel, Little Bee [italics] , brings forward many examples of power’s harm, both to those without it and to those who hold it. Indeed, power held by the unqualified harms both its holders and those around them. Power, when in the hands of those unqualified to hold it, often harms those who wield it, [comma splice] because of the mistakes they make. For example, when Sarah sees the group of killers approaching, she notes that “the …show more content…

Those with power then hurt those around them, because of the pain they have experienced. For example, when Sarah and Andrew attempt to bribe the killers into sparing the girls, the leader responds: “‘You think I care bout that stuff?... You don’t see this hole in my neck? I am dead in two days. You think I care about money and medicine?’” (113). Nevertheless, while his men rape Nkiruka, Little Bee notes that the leader “[is] far off from his men”’ (131). Although the leader allows for cruelty to occur, his actions suggest that he disagrees with the practices he condones. His knowledge of his imminent death leads him to seek revenge for the racism he has experienced all his life, and when he does not receive that revenge, Little Bee’s sister becomes his victim instead of Andrew. However, his lack of participation in Nikiruka’s torture suggests that he does not particularly enjoy inflicting pain on others; his brutality likely stems from his inevitable death, caused by his position of power. Nonetheless, because of the injuries and mental trauma the leader of the killers suffers, caused by power received from the corrupt oil companies, he allows his men to rape and murder a teenage girl. In addition, Sarah and Charlie end up hurt because of the depression Andrew experiences, caused by his regret over a choice he made with undeserved power. As Lawrence says, because “‘he was clinically depressed, it was very hard

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