Little Bee Symbolism

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Doors are an essential, mystifying part of everyday life that represent a deeper meaning than just wood, hinges, screws, and a knob. Although many look the same, they all lead to different situations. A door can serve as both an exit and an entrance. You could either be using the door to get out of a current situation you are currently in, or you could be using the door as an entrance into a new opportunity. In one sense, a door marks a new beginning. You are opening the door to a new situation, one you have not yet encountered, but are fully ready to face the challenges it throws your way because you know it will be better than what was on the other side. Chris Cleave utilizes the symbolism of doors in Little Bee. Little Bee is constantly going through doors, fleeing her previous encounters to step into the fresh, new room and all that it presents her. Doors play a large role in Bee’s journey from a resident of a small Nigerian village to illegal immigrant residing in England. From the beginning of her journey, all the way up until the very end, Bee is using doors to escape her current situation to flee to an unfamiliar one. The doors will have a huge impact on Little Bee’s life Little Bee opens and closes many doors along her journey. Her story, chronologically,…show more content…
The doors of the detention center changed Bee both physically and psychologically. She was physically trapped by these doors. There was no way she would be able to escape. She was confined in this center with all the men, which changed her psychologically. She was in constant fear of her safety, which was not true in her home country before the oil men came. She learned the Queen’s form of English to serve as her protection while entrapped since you either have to talk well or look good to survive in a place like
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