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In Chris Cleave’s Little Bee and Incendiary, the characters Little Bee and the unnamed narrator respectively, undergo a traumatic experience in the early stages of the books. Little Bee is confined in an immigration detention center upon her arrival in England for not having legal documents to prove her age. Meanwhile, the unnamed narrator has her life blown apart by a terrorist attack that kills her husband and four year old son. Both characters lose the hope and faith in their world and adjust to their new lives accordingly. Little Bee disguises herself physically, verbally, and legally in order to stay safe from the dangers of her new life. The narrator combats her emotional breakdown by helping to investigate the instigator behind the…show more content…
Her sense of insecurity of her true identity made her lose her faith in the world she lives in; she was baffled by the idea of her having to disguise herself for basic survival. Moving on, in Incendiary, the narrator, who is unnamed throughout the entirety of the book, is stripped of her husband and four year old son after they fall victim of a terrorist attack at a football match. She deals with the everyday struggles of people within her economic class. Her life is representative to that of the average citizen in London. On the day of the incident her husband, who works for a bomb squad, takes her son to watch an Arsenal game. Meanwhile, she goes to a pub to relieve her mind off the everyday pressure she is constantly under. Consequently, after the bombing, she was suddenly struck by the idea of terrorism and the murder of innocent civilians. This, similarly to Little Bee, leads her to losing her faith in the world she lives in leading her into a state of anxiety and depression. Overall, both characters undergo trauma that leads to their loss of faith in society and drives them into emotional conflict. In a similar sense, both Little Bee and the narrator are placed in situations that helps compensate for their traumatic experiences. In Little Bee, Little Bee is in a position where she is desperately in need of help. Wherever she goes, suicidal thoughts follow “quote”. That when she is taken in by Sarah, another protagonist, and her son Charlie. Sarah provides

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