Little Bee and Incendiaryby Chris Cleave Essay examples

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In Chris Cleave’s Little Bee and Incendiary, the characters Little Bee and the unnamed narrator respectively, undergo a traumatic experience in the early stages of the books. Little Bee is confined in an immigration detention center upon her arrival in England for not having legal documents to prove her age. Meanwhile, the unnamed narrator has her life blown apart by a terrorist attack that kills her husband and four year old son. Both characters lose the hope and faith in their world and adjust to their new lives accordingly. Little Bee disguises herself physically, verbally, and legally in order to stay safe from the dangers of her new life. The narrator combats her emotional breakdown by helping to investigate the instigator behind the terrorist attack. Even though the challenges they face may not be similar in nature, both ladies undergo the same sequence of events starting with trauma, followed by complete depletion of their self-esteem and finally a revival through the aid of others around them. Though their environments are different, they undergo analogous changes in their outlook and behavior towards their hardships.
In Little Bee and Incendiary, both characters suffer traumatic experiences that result in them losing their faith in themselves and their hope of a better world. Moreover, these two characters are placed in extremely different situations, but they both have their lives exacerbated by the experiences they go through. Little Bee, a sixteen year old…

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