Little Bit ( Mis ) Judged

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Little Bit (mis)Judged
Throughout United States history, the nation saw many different presidents. Some terms were too short to evaluate the legacy, and others had many events that led to a mixed legacy. It is always hard to rank the presidents based on the greatest, the most impactful, or even the most overrated. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, arguably had an impactful presidency, but he was also a very overrated one. His domestic policy looks good because he addressed the Civil Rights at the right time, but at the same time his War on Poverty left unanswered problems. His foreign affair was dominated by the horrid Vietnam War, but he also played a part for the CIA-supported coup d’etats that resulted in
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As part of his Great Society, he pushed for eliminating poverty, which sounds good. He aimed for a better society while removing the bad parts. Declaring war on poverty is good in a figurative way. Johnson aimed to help the poverty situation, and in a sense he succeeded; the country’s poverty level did come down. However, declaring war on an inanimate object, like Caligula declaring war on the ocean, gets nothing done. Johnson promised to reduce and eliminate poverty forever. Poverty remained for the next 50 years. Does this mean that the country is losing to poverty? After all, the country is still fighting the same “war” today. While doing so, the gap between the rich and the poor increased. Although the level of poverty did go down, it can be argued that the War on Poverty made more problems than before. The “war” also failed to eliminate poverty forever, failing to live up to his promises. LBJ’s domestic policy can be compared to as the “Gilded Age.” It may look great on the outside, but in detail, there are more flaws than it originally seems. His foreign policy, however, was a complete misstep on a whole new level.
What is less known about Johnson’s foreign policy during his term was that Johnson also used the CIA throughout the world to overthrow “socialist threat” governments. These interventions and overthrows were efforts to remove socialist and communist countries throughout
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