Little Bit ( Mis ) Judged

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Little Bit (mis)Judged
Throughout United States history, the nation saw many different presidents. Some terms were too short to evaluate the legacy, and others had many events that led to a mixed legacy. It is always hard to rank the presidents based on the greatest, the most impactful, or even the most overrated. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, arguably had an impactful presidency, but he was also a very overrated one. His domestic policy looks good because he addressed the Civil Rights at the right time, but at the same time his War on Poverty left unanswered problems. His foreign affair was dominated by the horrid Vietnam War, but he also played a part for the CIA-supported coup d’etats that resulted in deaths of thousands of innocent people all over the world. In addition, Johnson did not show strong, powerful traits that most presidents should have while he was in office. One major thing that Johnson gets credit for is addressing the civil rights. He passed a couple of significant acts that allowed civil rights to African Americans. This is seen as one of his positives during his term. However, an argument can be made that this could have been accomplished during the Kennedy administration. Of course, there is much evidence that Kennedy was in fact hesitant when it came to civil rights issues, but the Cold War played a part with Kennedy’s action. Timing did not help Kennedy while he was in office. During his tenure, Kennedy had to deal
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