Little Brier Rose By The Grimm Brothers

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People have been telling fairy tales for centuries. When the concept of childhood arose, fairy tales were rewritten with a moral in mind. A woman’s duties and place in society were clearly presented in these fairy tales. In addition to this, some even provided morals specific to young women. Although morals vary from culture to culture, the view on a woman’s sexuality is relatively static; a woman is meant to be a virgin. This moral is revealed through a literary analysis of “Little Brier-Rose” by the Grimm Brothers, which is a metaphorical tale advocating for the preservation of virginity in females.
The tale of “Little Brier-Rose,” by the Grimm Brothers, opens with a royal couple who were desperate to have a child. One day, a frog came along and granted their wish. Shortly after, The King and Queen had a beautiful newborn named Brier-Rose. They had a celebration for her birth, and invited the wise women. Each wise woman gave the child a gift, however not every gift was in the newborn’s best interest. A curse was bestowed upon little Brier-Rose which declared, “In the princess’s fifteenth year, she shall prick her finger with a spindle and fall over dead” (Grimm 1812). This curse represents more than an unfortunate event. It is a metaphor for the doom of her innocence. This becomes clear after analyzing the curse, which begins with, “In the princess’s fifteenth year”. The princess’s fifteenth year is not a random age. It is the age most females start getting sexual urges,
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