Little Brother: A Narrative Fiction

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A thousand thoughts are rushing inside of Michael’s mind, and the same goes for Luke. But Luke is the one to work up the nerve to break the silence, “Hi,” his voice is weak and Luke wants to slap himself for the way it nearly breaks on such a simple word. Michael chuckles lowly at the awkwardness, but he returns the greeting: “Hi. I didn’t expect to run into you here.” “I didn’t very much expect to run into you either.” Luke bites his lip,not knowing what to say. But that probably wasn’t it. And it’s probably not the time to say he misses what they had, although he’s not done blaming Michael for everything that has happened. And it’s probably not the time to confess how he’s thankful for everything he has enjoyed thanks to vampirism at…show more content…
Luke’s awkwardness shifts to disappointment as the brunette slips an arm around Michael’s waist. The worst part is he’s sure Michael can sense the emotions he’s giving off. It only gets worse when Michael introduces the stranger as Harry, he seems friendly and Luke dislikes him for that. Then he removes his arm from Michael and extends it toward Luke to formally greet him, and he dislikes him even more. He likes him even less when he jokes about the weather in attempts to make friendly conversation. Eventually, Michael interrupts the small talk to announce that he and Harry should be heading off to their dinner reservations. Harry kindly suggests they skip their reservation and go somewhere else so Michael can catch up with the blond and Harry can exchange stories about Michael with him. The potential awkwardness of the situation flashes in Luke’s mind and he quickly lies and says he has plans. Then he politely thanks them for the offer, tells them he must be going, and doesn’t want to interrupt their night anymore. Before they part ways Michael asks if he would like to meet up for lunch to catch up the next day. And for a brief moment the disappointment dissipates in Luke’s
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