Little Brother

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Being the first true group of digital natives, it is no surprise that the children of Generation Z tend to take in information instantaneously and lose interest just as quickly, especially when it comes to learning in the classroom. Perhaps this is because few classrooms utilize any of the 21st century technologies that are often needed to maintain students’ interest, and for good reasons too. In many works of science fiction, technology is portrayed as inherently evil, and readers are often told stories of the the potential uses of technology that range from bizarre to troublesome, to downright horrendous. However, with so many new learning technologies being created and made available to the public, such as the 3D printer, touch-board electronic desks, virtual reality gear, and the entirely virtual classroom, which is still under development, students are soon going to see a change in not only the way they learn, but also in the physical look of their classrooms.
Science fiction writer Eric Frank Russell predicted the invention of the 3D
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Little Brother is about four teenagers living in dystopian San Francisco, where the technology is advanced and national security is at an all-time high. The beginning of the novel takes place in a strange, futuristic classroom environment, where the “books” being used have computer screens inside of them and the desks have been replaced with what appear to be large tablets with table legs. Although it is assumed that these technologies were installed with the intention of being used solely for academic purposes, the main characters in the novel describe themselves as “wise to the ways of the networked world” and are able to hack into the system’s restriction databases and use the books and desks to play online role playing games, instead of doing their
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