Little Do They Know : The World Of Advertising

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Little Do They Know: The World of Advertising

Art 1A Visual Literacy
Vanessa W 1:00
Nicholas A Zahn
University of California, Santa Barbara

While the world of advertising has been responsible for creating trends and impacting culture on a monumental level, the constant manipulation and force-feeding tactics behind these agencies has created a capitalist monster that is detrimental to society. Praying on the emotions of citizens, the rent-seekers have created a mentality valuing excess over humility. The food and beverage industries, alcohol in particular, utilize trendy and enjoyable advertising techniques, giving their audience a moment to escape to a better life through their specific brand. On the other hand non
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Print advertisements are the basis for the commercial branding that they use on televisions, and one can see the underlying intentions that hold high cultural ties in most of their ads. In a 2008 Jose Cuervo advertisement, what leaps out to the audience is the strategic color contrast between the image in the background, and the product itself, that seemingly shines like an academy award. The black and white image of a man holding up a woman in her bathing suit while both intimately having a good time creates the emotional appeal for the audience, while having in bold print “LIVE YOUR DAYDREAMS” across the middle of the artwork. This gets into the audience’s mind, because what every human is naturally forced to desire is sex, and intimacy, which is shown in this ad to be possible through the fun times of drinking “Jose Cuervo Especial”. The bottle shines in gold, and captures the attention of the receivers, while creating a relationship between Jose Cuervo tequila and “sex, intimacy, fun, and happiness” that the audience will take with them, long after they’ve seen the ad. In terms of intersexuality, the advertisement’s literal meaning is “live your day dreams”, whatever they may be, but is implying that Jose Cuervo will give you the power to live your day dreams. The dream that is being implied is “love,
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