Little Do They Know : The World Of Advertising

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Little Do They Know: The World of Advertising

Art 1A Visual Literacy
Vanessa W 1:00
Nicholas A Zahn
University of California, Santa Barbara

While the world of advertising has been responsible for creating trends and impacting culture on a monumental level, the constant manipulation and force-feeding tactics behind these agencies has created a capitalist monster that is detrimental to society. Praying on the emotions of citizens, the rent-seekers have created a mentality valuing excess over humility. The food and beverage industries, alcohol in particular, utilize trendy and enjoyable advertising techniques, giving their audience a moment to escape to a better life through their specific brand. On the other hand non profit organizations use billboards and print ads to create awareness for certain issues, which would be widely unknown without the exposure that mass advertisement brings. The artists who create these advertisements may or may not know that their art holds certain symptomatic meanings that tie to a broader cultural context, but aside from being effective for their own agenda, they create social norms that create the platform for further advertising. The significance of these advertisements doesn’t come from those intending to send a message – it comes from the perceptions of the messages that are received.
Of all the advertisements there may be none more prevalent in our world than the most heavily used drug in our society – alcohol. For…

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