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Case Study: Little Enough or Too Much Disposal of chemical or factory waste in waters is considered harmful regardless of the amount being dispose. Case Study: Little Enough or Too Much describes the ethical dilemma that an employee had experience regarding an environmental issue. X Chemical company had created a new lubricant which was consider to have an overall reduce selling price and would also benefit the company tremendously since its financial performance was only satisfactory for the past several quarters. Bryan an employee of X Chemical was responsible to manage the construction of a production plant which will be used to produce this new lubricant. The production plant is situated near the river and X Company had already…show more content…
The employees of X chemical choose not to build the extra processing department because it will reflect adversely on the company’s financial position. Hence Bryan’s supervisor Bill Gates was hesitant to help him because this new lubricant was expected the attract sales away from other competitors and improve the company’s cash flow position moreover all employees were anticipating a bonus or raise of pay since the product was expected to do well, and this will increase the overall happiness for the company. Utilitarian theory teaches us to implement the action that maximizes the overall happiness and not to maximize the happiness of a selected group of people. X chemical company had misuse the utilitarian theory because they only catered for the happiness of the company and not the public at whole. By dumping excess chemical in to the river will cause serious harm to the environment and the people living in it. Similarly, to the environmental issues cause by Shell oil extraction in Nigeria (Nigeria and Oil, June10, 2010) the river will become polluted, marine life and other animals using the river will die, risk of attracting infectious diseases will increase, clean water will become scarce and this will affect the livelihood of individuals and their families. In order the maximized the true overall happiness of X chemical company management

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