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Initial Analysis
Application of Little’s Law:
The data for the first 50 days indicated that: No. of Jobs arrived till date = 153. No. of Completed Jobs = 152
Since there were no jobs in the order queue, the inventory of the system, taken as a whole, was 1 i.e. 60 kits in total. This number included the kits waiting in the machine queues and jobs that are currently being processed on the machines.
The average arrival rate of the jobs per day was 3.06. This was taken as the initial throughput for the system. Applying Little’s law, Flow time=InventoryThroughput
∴Flow time=0.3267 hrs.
This value matched with the average lead time of 0.39 hrs.
Capacity Determination:
Initially we had one machine for every station and the throughput rate
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Moreover, machine 1 had more jobs in its queue implying that it was more strained. Also since the trend indicated that the future demand was going to increase we decided to buy machine 1.
Summary of Major Decisions:
Day 50: * Order Machine 1: This was identified as the bottleneck based on the capacity comparison. * Order Machine 2: Machine 2 became the new bottleneck and so one unit was purchased. * Batch size: The order was changed to 2 lots of 30 units each. Initially we had no idea about the fixed time and the run times of different machines and so we decided to look at the pattern after altering the batch size.
Days 52 – 58: * Order Machine 3: Machine 3 became the new bottleneck and so one unit was purchased. * Change Priority rule on station 2: Even after changing the batch size, there was no visible effect on the queue size and so we decided to change the change the priority rule on station 2 to give priority to step 4. Step 4 was the final step of processing on the job and hence was important from revenue generation point of view. As per the expectation the lead time decreased from 0.39644 days to 0.3682 days within a period of 16 days. * Order Machine 1: Machine 1 became the new bottleneck and so one unit was purchased. * Batch Size: The batch size was changed to 3 batches of 20 units each. This was done in the anticipation of

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