Creative Writing: Little Freak

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I saw that little Freak, looked more like a garden gnome if you ask me. His size bothered me so much, to the point where I just needed to beat him up. Then, he has the nerve to call me a “cretin.” What in the world is a “cretin?” Sure, I let the two of them off easy that day, but I was anxiously awaiting our next meet up. On the Fourth of July, my gang and myself had been partying, but who doesn’t party on the Fourth of July? Anyways, we went for a little stroll around town, and I admit, I might of been a little on the drunk side, but nothing too serious. Lucky me, one of my gang members, Luke calls me over, and to my delight, cornered is that little freak himself and his giant friend. I chuckle at the sight of them. What a bunch
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