Little Grand Canyon Research Paper

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Should Providence Canyon become a national park or should this, "Little Grand Canyon," stay a state park? I say that Providence Canyon should not become a national park. These are reasons why. Locals would be the only one to see this Canyon, it is one of the, "Seven Wonders of Georgia," and tourists may affected the plants, colors of the sand, and trails would be used more often which is hurting the environment. Also at national parks they add places to eat, sleep or a place to buy souvenirs.

When tourists visit the canyon, it would not be special to the locals anymore. Tourist would have seen something that people who live around the area secret and they did not want anyone else to know. It would take the enjoyment of going to Providence Canyon. The locals would be able to have conversations about this beautiful canyon that is a little bit smaller then the Grand Canyon. We learn about the Grand Canyon in school, so everyone knows about the Grand Canyon and how it was formed. When the local talks to a relative or a random person they can talk about this awesome canyon. Seeing all the 43 types of colors. The article even states "Scientists have counted a grand total of 43 colors of sand in all." The article also states. "The canyon comes in
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The United States of America would fund into this park and place shops, diners, restaurants, hotels and motels near this canyon. So the people would have to cut the trees that surround the canyon and places buildings everywhere which will hurt the animals and the environment. U.S. citizens litter all the time. If one of the animals get a part or all the debris they will ended up dying. When an animal dies it produces an unpleasant smell. You would make the park ranger pick up the animal or all the debris and throw it away. So if the Providence Canyon does become a national park you are hurting three things the world, animals and
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