Little Hans Psychoanalysis

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Q2. Why did Hans develop a phobia? (20%) * Set in 1909 * Repression, dreams, fantasy- all part of the case * Mother and child relationship-Infantile sexuality * He was attempting to negotiate Castration and Oedipal complex. * When he tried to negotiate the Oedipus complex, it led to his outbreak of phobia. * Generally, the father’s role is to take up the position of authority and oedipal prohibitor between the mother and son. However, Hans’s father was unable to do so in this case. * What is necessary is that the father must intervene in the mother child relation? – to establish the incest prohibition and establish the “promise” the ego ideal. * Father is the No and the Promise! * So Hans difficulties…show more content…
* The white biting horses resemble his mother (castration fear) seduction attempt. “why don’t you put your finger there”- via word finger- bridge to scene where Hans hears a father warn a little girl about a white horse “Don’t put your finger to the white horse”. * Horse falling in the street – death wishes towards father. Overwhelmed by this thought as he loves his father= conflict * Outing with mother: Her presence not enough to stay his anxiety * Hans visibly frightened on street – way home stated his fear as “ I was afraid a horse would bite me”. * Mother has a widger as big as a horses * Horse pulling loads, his fear of pregnancy and mother having another child- death wish against his sister and rivalry were also able to be spoken of here with his father. * And even though the father in reality is able to a point to take up his role as father – Hans very creatively devises Oedipal myths/fantasies in an attempt to resolve his O.C and C.C. crises – the Plumber phanstasies – where plumber takes away his widdler and bottom so he can get a new one * Previously Hans became afraid when told about sexual difference – he began to fear he could lose it (not evident at first when mother threatens him with the doctor who will cut it off, or in the giraffe picture that he draws at
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