Little Man, What Now?

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In Little Man, What Now? Hans Fallada makes many connections, comments, and criticisms on the post-World War I society in Germany. The book is centered around a couple, Sonny and Lammchen Pinneburg, that go through the everyday struggles of the people living in Germany after World War I. Some of these struggles include Sonny losing his job, having to move in with his mother, and being able to provide for his family. There are many other aspects of economic and social life that are critiqued in the book. Hans Fallada uses the majority of his book to comment on the decreasing economic stability through Sonny’s multiple jobs, the emergence of the new woman through Sonny’s mother, Mia Pinneburg, and Nachtkultur, or the free body culture, through Sonny’s coworker, Heilbutt. Throughout the book, Sonny is faced with many economic challenges. When he finds out he is going to be a father he realizes the financial responsibility that comes with it. At this time he is employed by Kleinholtz, but does not feel secure in his job. He attempts to make a pact with the rest of the workers to ensure they would all be more secure from being fired by their boss. This pact would backfire on Sonny and he would be let go. He soon learns that it is complicated to find a job at this time, he even attempts to return to his previous job and it turned away. Lammchen had written to Sonny’s mother, Mia Pinneburg, and she wrote back saying that Sonny had a job if he would move to Berlin. Thanks to his

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