Little Match Girl: A Literary Analysis Of The Little Match Girl

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Poor, cold little match girl: A literary analysis of “The Little Match Girl”

I. Introduction
Every time that it’s the Holidays, people tend to spend quality time and enjoy it with their families, like eat and have fun with them, have reunions and so. But sometimes there are less privileged people , instead of enjoying the food and the company of our relatives, some are even sent out to sell things, like what happened to this little match girl in this story, as she went into the cold night trying to make a living, not knowing that it might be her last New year’s eve,
So, if you are enjoying quality time with your family and eating some delicious food, consider yourself privileged because there are more unfortunate people out there so learn to be content with what you have.

You read the short story through a third person point of view because there is a narrator that tells you the story of the little match girl.

The story of the
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Of course one symbol that is noticeable in the story is that if there is a shooting star in the sky, someone dies or as said in the story “whenever a star falls a soul goes up to heaven.”
And the little match girl is really an epitome of poverty, in fact, they are so deeply impoverished, she was even sent out to sell some matches on New Year’s Eve, on a holiday in which people are supposed to celebrate the New year but since they are living in poverty, they might even cannot afford to take a break from all of this, so the little match girl was sent to sell matches on a cold night on New Year’s eve.

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